Freeform Entertainment LLC, a Seattle based production company, produces Planet Beat and Fusion Radio. The company formed in 2002 and produces events and content featuring modern global music. We define ‘modern global’ as international artists that are fusing current trends in music with their regional influences.

Our vision is to discover the best new music from around the World, and share it with audiences who are eager to experience contemporary international sounds. We aspire to be the leading and definitive resource for discovering modern global music. With recent advancements in technology, music is being created, recorded and shared at an unprecedented rate. Influences are transcending geographical borders and are apparent in the eclectic sounds that are emerging from the streets of the World’s urban centers. Cities like Sau Paulo, Brazil; Monterey, Mexico; Bombay, India; Vienna, Austria and many others are hotbeds for artists that are fusing modern trends in music and production with their regional influences and styles to create an explosion of exceptional grooves and beats. Our shows will take audiences on a musical journey around the Globe, uncovering the festivals, clubs and dance halls where these futuristic sounds are blowing up.

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On this adventure, audiences will also discover exciting cultures, traditional sounds, and unique customs from all over the World. Through artist interviews we will learn about social, economic, and historical influences that have shaped regional scenes and sounds. We will also discover common influences and shared passions that bridge cultural gaps, such as our mutual love of music. Our programs celebrate the universal language of music, which transcends borders and begs to be shared and experienced.

So grab your passport, and join us as we embark on a musical adventure of discovery, and travel the World through music.

Planet Beat is a top shelf, musical radio program that takes you on a weekly, hour-long trip through the hottest sounds of modern global music. Each week we will turn you on to a plethora of exciting sounds from current international artists and to the vibrant cultures that influence them. But don't take our word for it; get an aural taste of the show by clicking here.

Planet Beat is much more than just a radio show; it is a celebration of life through music in all its unique and peculiar forms. For those that are open minded and seeking new experiences, we are your one stop resource for discovering the best modern music from around the World. Along the way, you will be pleasantly surprised by what else you may discover while traveling on this musical journey! Like a fine wine and an easy lover, you'll keep coming back for more. Enjoy.

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