Laser welded profiles

In the architectural and prototyping fields, it is entirely usual to need specialized parts, custom rigging, and more.

Examples range from cabinet hardware, to automotive frames and hardware, to specialized designs used in satellites and spacecraft, to modern building infrastructures. There is always demand for customized laser welded profiles, and because of this fact, more needs to be said about laser welded profiles.

This, of course, begs an important question: what is a ‘laser welded profile’?

The answer to this can be both simple and complex.
First, what is a profile in architecture? An I-beam is a profile is probably the most widely known and recognized profile out there. They are created to have specific strengths and functions, while making the building procedure safer and more efficient. Put simply, using them is a win-win situation when they are used correctly.
Now, to get to the rest of the question. We know what a profile is now, but where does the ‘laser welded’ part come in? This is where things get more interesting…
It should be noted that profiles are generally rolled or extruded metal. This makes each piece a single piece of contiguous metal, which increases its strength and durability. For parts that require more, this is where laser welding comes in. Laser welding has the ability to fuse the molecules of both metal parts together enough to make it essentially the same piece of metal. There is no ‘scar’. It is not ‘gluing’ two parts together. It is taking two pieces of the same kind of metal and making them one.

stainless steel i beams

Since these profiles can be almost anything, the key is the method used in creating them. Seamlessly welding the pieces together using a specialized laser technique ensures that the final product is both solid and aesthetic. These profiles are used as window frames, rails, structural design, and more.

Finding a place that can create such unique customized profiles using laser welding techniques is not always such an easy thing, as there are not very many around. One such shop is worth note, however, because it also does extrusion, drawing, hot and cold rolling, and more. This company, Montanstahl, has been showing what it can do in many architectural projects around the world.

It is truly amazing at the level of intelligence and technology has gone in to such a usually unseen thing. We do not generally think about the things that hold our buildings together, or the rails that keep our drawers from falling out. When it comes down to it, the people who endeavor to make things like this better need to be very much valued. They make our building stronger. They make our vehicles safer. They make our world a better place in so many ways that we will rarely actually see.