Sedus: designer, modern & ergonomic office furniture


Sedus was founded in 1871 by Albert Stoll I. It was called Stoll & Klock and Stoll I operated it until his death in 1897, when his wife gained control. Albert Stoll II was put in control of the factory, eventually. Stoll II and his sons ran the factory until 1958.Sedus Federdreh

Over the years, Sedus was a leader in modern office furniture winning over 30 awards. Sedus can boast about designing the first spring mounted chair called Federdreh. The
first swivel chair on castors can also be credited to Sedus.

In 1958, Christof and Marin Stoll divided the company into two separate companies. This was just the beginning of Sedus’ growth.
The year 1970 saw the first in-house development and testing department for Sedus which was a catalyst in the company’s growth.
The company converted to a public limited company in 1995. Sedus was leading the way in posture change office equipment in 2000 and became a full range supplier in 2002.

Today, Sedus continues to create ergonomic chairs and office furniture which includes seating, tables, and storage-space furniture with partners in 74 different countries.

Modern Office Furniture: Tables

Sedus offers four types of modern office furniture that are tables.

  1. The first type is the single user desk. The single user desk comes in three styles which are attention, secretair, and temptation. Each of these styles has ergonomic options to personalize each desk.
  2. Team tables are offered in the following styles: attention, get together, invitation, and temptation. Like the single user desk, the team tables are adjustable to suit various needs and work spaces.
  3. Meeting, seminar, and conference tables have a variety of different styles also. These tables are ergonomic functional and adaptable to the space provided. Many of these styles can be adjusted for height, also.
  4. The Bistro, Canteen, and Lounge Tables offer meeting table, work table, sopha table, and sweetspot table styles.

Modular Office Furniture

Sedus’ modular office furniture consists of separate work spaces and units of storage. The room dividers and room zoning units come in a grand slam, temptation, and terri tory style.

Modular office furniture also includes storage units. These storage units come in the same basic styles as the room dividers. Sedus offers a unique selection of modular office furniture called pedestals that can be tall or short, mobile or station, and come in a variety of colors.

Ergonomic Chairs

Sedus was built upon the ergonomic office chair and they offer 13 different styles just in the swivel chair. Each of the ergonomic swivel chairs has adjustable posture and height control. The backrest and armrest are height adjustable, also and come in a variety of styles and colors.

The meeting, seminar, and conference ergonomic chairs have steel frames with either plastic or upholstered seats/ backs. These chairs are not stackable. The Bistro and Canteen chairs come in the same styles as the meeting, seminar, and conference chairs. All of the chairs were designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

Sedus has been recognized for these designs by winning the Product Design Award in 2007 and the German Design Award Nominee in 2016 among others.


When deciding upon which Sedus’ modern office furniture is right for a person’s needs, Sedus offers some solutions that will aid in the decision making process. The first aid is the Sedus App which allows the user to view the complete website on his/her phone.

The configurator allows the user to view/browse all styles of all available pieces of furniture Sedus offers. The planning tools allow a user to sketch the work.