Hollywood’s buffet for this winter


To those movie fanatics who are constantly on the edges of their seats for a new blockbuster each season, then this winter has a lot to offer. The upcoming winter season Hollywood promises to turn movie fanatics to couch potatoes with a buffet of musical comedy, adventure cum fantasy, science fiction, thriller and even a … [Read more…]

Some of The Best Showtimes To Watch A Movie In Singapore

watch a movie in singapore

Are you crazy about movies? Do you keep up with the latest movie trailers on YouTube like any another blockbuster movie fanatic out there today? Well, if you are indeed crazy about movies, the cinema must be your favorite place to spend quality leisure time with friends and family or even by yourself. If this … [Read more…]

Summer Blockbuster Films of 2016

x men apocalypse

This summer’s offerings are nothing short of amazing this year, including Hollywood’s top actors and actresses, here is the rundown on four feature films. The Legend of Tarzan Starring Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, and Christoph Waltz Years after famous Tarzan, king of the jungle, leaves Africa behind he returns to the Congo hired to be a trade … [Read more…]

2016 Blockbusters at the Box Office

resurgence independence day

Action/Adventure Captain America: Civil War The Avengers split into two factions, minus Hulk and Thor, when politics force them to question the next step for them and others with superhuman powers. Team Iron Man and Team Cap square off in a head-to-head battle to determine what should be done to control them. Tarzan The legendary … [Read more…]

The Top Tips to Enjoy the Cinema

cinema experience

Going to the movies is a social and exciting outing that friends, families, as well as loved ones constantly participate in. Whether on date night or on a night out with a few friends, a night at the cinema can have a good or bad experience based upon the movie, atmosphere, as well as food. … [Read more…]