Portable Stages by Mario Orlando & Figli Company

If you have an event or activity that requires the use of a stage, then Mario Orlando & Figli is the company to look for. The company that was established in 1964 is fully committed to providing its clients the materials necessary to conduct an event. It is one of the leading companies in Italy, offering wooden panels, modular tribunes, gazebos, street barriers, platforms, scaffolding supplies and portable stages.

Modular Stage

Mario Orlando & Figli stages are the only unique and real Italian stages. The stages have been patented, planned and manufactured in a manner that allows for versatility. They come with exclusive slotting panel system for easy assembly. The assembly does not need one to use similar joints or screws, and the panels can be used from both sides.
The panels are also planned to allow for the economical use of space. They cause the least possible obstruction when being transported in the trucks, or when they are stored.
The elements are not only strong but also of high quality. They all have a zinc coating to protect them against corrosion, and to comply with the UNI EN 1090, UNI EN ISO 14713, and ISO 1461 rules.

Orlando Italian modular stage

The Stage Floors

The Portable stages have solid and compact floors made of three layers of spruce panels. The 27 mm thick panels have been artificially dried and pressed together to make them strong enough to support the maximum possible weight. Also, they are resistant to climatic variation since they have undergone thermos-set resins treatment.

Parapets, Access stairs, and Adjustable Feet

The portable stages come with newly designed access stairs and a handrail. They use an installed functional hook on the structure of the module. The parapets fitted on three sides of these stages are made of segments of elegant metal coated with zinc. The support feet have adjustable screw bases and allow for a standard platform height. The height of the stage can, however, be modified upon request.

Roofing System

There is an allowance of installing the stages together with a self-mounting roof system. The roofing is made of joint pillars that are connected by single tube elements and the grid beams. They are also of the right quality, made of waterproof, fireproof and PVC material.

Big Steps Stages

Mario Orlando and Figli Company can also offer this kind of modified stage that is suitable for orchestras, choirs, school shows and military parades. The stages have different heights, with each subsequent platform being slightly higher than the preceding.