Financika Serves Foreign Exchange Traders Well

Foreign exchange trading (forex) has been gaining in popularity over the past several years. It is a vast market, open 24 hours a day and, unlike the stock market, has no bear market. When trading currency pairs, one side is a bull, the other is a bear. What traders need to do is bet on the right side. Moreover, with leverage, the amateur traders can make larger bets than they would have otherwise afforded.

Why Financika?

Financika is an established online broker offering trading in forex, CFDs, major stocks, multiple commodities, and worldwide indices. When it comes to forex trading, both major and minor currencies are available. While it’s possible to trade major pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD or USD/CAD, Financika’s clients can trade more exotic pairs such as NZD/CAD, EUR/NOK or USD/PLN. This offer comes with attractive spreads among the currency pairs.
Another reason why it’s worthwhile to consider Financika is the research that is provided. As a client, you’ll get Daily Market Review. Video analysis is part of the package, too. The Economic Calendar is available, allowing traders to keep an eye on upcoming events that are likely to affect currencies as well as other markets.
Updated news come up on trading platforms, which can either be downloaded or accessed directly via web browser. You can set up one-click trading for faster execution and get assistance straight from the trading platforms.

financika trading system
To improve trading, advanced charts are available. For those still learning, Financika has its own online academy where you can learn how to master advanced charts with knowledge of trends and moving averages. Since fundamentals are important as well when trading currencies, there’s a section about it.

Comprehensive Offer

Because other products are available, you won’t be limited to trading currencies should other market opportunities arrive. Indeed, many traders succeed in many markets since the moves among different markets are correlated. For example, a rising dollar puts downward pressure on many commodities such as gold or oil. Making bets on these markets is open with Financika. As a client, you will also be able to trade international indices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. So you can trade major international stocks or CFDs.
Making payments and withdrawals is easy as you can use credit cards, bank transfers, or eWallet. Secure connection is established with SSL 128-bit encryption.
Looking to trade currencies and other major markets? Financika is the answer.